Thursday, September 18, 2008

EtHiCs In EnViRoNmEnT


When disaster happens, business reputation that has been built can be destroyed in short time. It is important to us to recover the business in quick time so that it would not give any effect or only at minimum rate. Therefore, one plan needs to be arranged properly. The plans are Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). The main purpose of these plans is to make sure that the business process is working continuosly. BCP means planning plan to make sure that the business continue working eventhough the disaster happens while DRP means a plan to recover the business from disaster in short time. BCP is a manual or automatic process that is planned to reduce threats on important functions of an organization so that the organization can continue working. Disaster can happen at anytime whether it is caused by natural world factor or human action factor. After disaster happens, organization may loss the sources like injured employee or died, important documents, building and so on.DRP is steps of IT and information system recovery.DRP is a procedure that working during BCP occurred. Disaster period may take several second, hour or day. But, because of system should always there and can be used all the time,then alternative for IT facilities and disaster recovery centre(DRC) need to be served. For this, we must select a project manager as a coordinator to understand the organization operation with the help from other units of organization. Four main task for manager :
1) Determine the scope and plan and after that implement it when disaster happens.
2) Business Impact Assassment (BIA) needs to be done before do DRP.
3) Prepare BCP
4) Gain an agreement with the management side

DRP contains 2 important things:
1) Continuation processing data plan
2) Protection of recovery data plan

Several things need to be concerned in determine the location of DRC:
1) The distance must be 30km from main location
2) The location must not has the same disaster risk
3) Has stable electric supply and energy grid that is differed from main location
4) Has telecommunication and communication data cable

DRP that have been made must be test in order to make sure all the steps are correctand accurate. There are 5 method to test DRP that is:
1) Check list test
2) Structured Walk-Through test
3) Simulation test
4) Parallel test
5) Full interruption test

BCP and DRP need to be study again from time to time suitable with changes that happens in the organization in order to avoid it becomes very old. It is because BCP and DRP that are old is not suitable to face the disaster. In conclusion,to prepare a good disaster recovery program,cooperation and support from all employees in the organization are needed because it involves in an expensive cost.



Thursday, September 4, 2008

My ExPecTaTioN ABouT InFoRmaTioN LiTeRacY(IL)..

This semester is my final semester at CFS IIUM before I enter the main campus at Gombak. For this semester, I take 5 subjects that are Information Literacy (IL), Programming, Physic, Mathematics III and English. Before I start my studies in this sem, I always thinking about how I am going to score all the subjects including IL. My first impression about IL is it is difficult to score same like programming. Therefore, I’m afraid if I cannot score it. After I enter IL class for the first time, Madam Aisyah told that this subject is like computer 1 but it has a lot of new terms to memorise. This means that I must read the book repeatedly compared to computer 1. When I start learning this subject, I found that it is quite boring because it is just read and read. However, finally I feel more interested to learn IL because it give me a lot of information that I have to know as an ICT student. As we can see nowadays, everyone uses IT as a medium for teaching in school, to manage ,to collect and to do research and to store data and information. It means that job opportunities for ICT student is wide. Therefore I think that IL is very important for me because it can make me become more knowledgeable than before especially about IT information.As a result, I can get a job that related to IT easily. This can help me to get a better job in my future. Besides, all the informations in IL subject are useful for me to be careful when I want to do online transaction. I really hope that I can score this subject with the help from Madam Ayu Rafikah and my collegues that are good on this subject.